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  • Download LATEST quick user manual FW 7.0 EN+CZ, older FWs: FR, GE.

  • Download detailed instructions & guide CZ, EN, GE - check quick version for new features!.

  • Quick instructions how to upgrade Rubiks Futuro Cube with latest FW.

  • How to install games, change language, upload best score and all other details about RFCSuite.

  • Are you locked in BLUE menu? This video can help!

  • Rubiks Futuro Cube 2.0 details. (brighter LEDs, wireless incompatibility, speaker position, IMU)

  • List of games, in which you can compete ONLINE and guide how to quickly set up your cube.

  • Video tutorials you find here.

  • How to quickly recognize version 2.0? Serial number should start with PSC01DC... or for IMU - PSC01ZC...

    Software download

    Frequently asked questions

    I have updated older cube with new FW 7.0 and I have only BLUE menu.

    Answer: We have introduced something called BEGINNER’S MENU LOCK. Check the manual and video on the top of this page for proper instructions and reason why we have decided to implement this.

    I attempt to run some installed scripts/games and the cube suddenly shows flashing red spots all over the surface.

    Answer:This is hard fault in the program, that indicates either low memory or incompatible version of API. Basically always make sure that you have upgraded to the latest available FW. Many new released games won’t work on older FWs and there is no regular way, except those red spots, how to manifest this problem.

    My tapping is not recognized.

    Answer: Try to aim always to the center of the side. Sometimes you are influenced to tap next to edge the and this adds unwanted rotation. Other reason might be volume set to 6, better to use 5 as maximum.

    How can I personalize my cube?

    Answer: From FW 4.3 you can personalize your cube for example using “MyCube” script. Short program, that usually displays some nice colored pattern (created by yourself) or animation together with music. You can get some information at SDK section. We recommend to try “Example 4 – paint.mycube”. It does exactly what is described here.

    Cube seems to have low battery after short time.

    Answer: Formerly there was automatic transition into transportation mode after 24 hours if no motion has been detected. This interval has been prolonged up to 5 days in the new FWs (from version 5.6). If you have the latest FW and fully charged battery is not capable to run more than 1 hour, it is either old or damaged.

    Randomizing of Gomoku moves.

    Answer: Gomoku is always played the same way; once you find the winning pattern you can repeat it till infinity. The next version will not have better AI, but moves with similar strength will be randomized.

    Known issue

    FW 4.2 – In rare cases, after the USB cable is unplugged and the game menu should start, the cube hibernates as if the user performed a double-tap from the bottom. To the user it appears as a malfunction or as if the battery is drained.

    Workaround: Perform the game menu gesture and continue in normal operation. Fixed at FW 4.3!

    FW 4.2 – Multi Cubris sometimes freezes at the beginning.

    Workaround: Perform game menu gestures and restart multi cubris. Fixed at FW 4.3!

    FW 4.2 – During multi player games, sometimes the communication freezes and the game is stopped or there is a time-out, and players cannot continue. This behaviour has been observed more often at places where there is huge radio traffic coming from several wi-fi networks or bluetooths.

    Workaround: None with FW 4.2 , fixed at FW 4.3!

    ISSUE report

    We will be releasing updates on the regular basis. Feel free to e-mail us with your ideas for new features, or report any problems.

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