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Player Selector and Volume Control

Author: Jan Krejsa, Roman Škára
Tags: utility, profile manager + volume control

Description: This little app allows you to select primary player on one the cube and also provides shortcut to Volume Control settings. It is useful when you want someone play on your cube, but not to interfere with your scoring.

Apps allows select only between activated players. Therefore little action must done prior in the Profile Manager in RFCSuite. You can also alternate sounds in the resources directory. As example you can upload your names and etc…

Installation pack Player Selector v1.0
Installation pack Player Selector v1.1 (recommended)

There is difference in behavior of each version. Both versions provide short little intro and you have chance to tap the cube during that time.

  • version 1.0 – if you tap during intro, than Game Menu appears
  • version 1.1 – if you tap during intro, than Selector app continues
  • We recommend using version 1.1, put the app at the MyCube position and set the feature “RUN INSTEAD OF MENU”. Now each time you do the GAME MENU GESTURE (even in menu because of MyCube), little nice intro appears and if you do nothing, cube starts game menu as usual.