Animal Memory v1.1

IMPORTANT! You need to update to the FW 7.0! Check support page.

Installation package Animal Memory v1.1

Your task is to find all the symbol pairs that are randomly distributed and hidden on the cube. To reveal any symbol, simply place the cursor over the highlighted spot and tap anywhere. This will reveal the hidden symbol and its animal sound (tap again to hide it). If you reveal the same symbol on the next turn, the pair will be removed.

A penalty is awarded if you tap a symbol that you have visited before and don't reveal the same symbol on your next turn. A warning will be displayed. The first selected spot will blink white fast. If there is no penalty on the next turn, it will blink slowly.

Scoring (best time)
Your final time is calculated:
final_time = handicap_time(see table below) + solution_time + penalties*5secs
Final time is displayed together with number of penalties and level

Table of levels

Level Number of pairs Handicap time
1 5 150 seconds
2 8 120 seconds
3 10 90 seconds
4 12 60 seconds
1 14 30 seconds
1 15 0 seconds

PlayerRankScoreScore date
db81.5:06.100, 5, Level: 1 2017/11
Danii82.5:08.800, 5, Level: 1 2018/12
PedroS83.5:11.800, 7, Level: 1 2019/4
KEFA84.5:40.500, 4, Level: 1 2020/1
ROCK3T85.5:53.900, 7, Level: 2 2020/1
guest86.10:46.500, 41, Level: 6 2020/10
Matysek87.12:29.500, 13, Level: 3 2019/1