Twister Cube v1.0

Implementation of twisting puzzle, where each belt can be shifted separately by one or more steps.

Check RedKB video at 7:11 for detailed instructions!

Installation package Twister Cube v1.0


cursor – selects the upper most spot of belt
side taps – gives direction, that selects requested belt if tap from top belt is selected only at arms of cross
rotation – once belt is selected, it keeps its position, while the cube is rotated, after next tap, belt is placed on current position
double tap from bottom – one step back in history if available
triple tap on icon – reset the puzzle and timer start

To count the best time, you have triple tap the icon from the top to reset the game and start timer. If you pause the game, progress is not lost, but the solution time will not be counted.

PlayerRankScoreScore date
MakomBox1.3:22.900, 90 2022/9
Number 12.3:28.400, 108 2020/7
NOT Number 13.5:32.100, 128 2019/3
NOT AlphaLord4.12:18.400, 271 2019/3
CodeDragon5.16:43.200, 169 2023/4
Romenek6.22:24.000, 402 2016/12
AlphaLord7.22:49.400, 349 2019/3
RedKB8.45:02.400, 498 2016/12