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Download: game, source

Name: PaintMyCube
Author: Josip Miskovic & Jan Krejsa
Tags: MYCUBE, demo, utility

Description: Personalize your Cube with a picture or write your name on it. You´ll never have to hesitate, which Cube is yours! Try to make the most interesting signature!

THIS IS MYCUBE APP, start it by performing MENU GESTURE while being in MENU


  • start – while in game menu – use the gesture for turning the Cube on
  • move the appearing point by rotating the Cube
  • 1x side tap – change the colour of the point
  • 1x top tap – place the point
  • 2x top tap – the whole side turns into same colour as the point just has
  • while choosing colours, find black to erase unwanted points
  • to erase whole side tap twice, while chosen black colour
  • 2x side tap – lighting points will start to flash
  • 2x side tap again – stop flashing + possibility to draw again
  • use gesture to go back into game menu
  • step back – bottom tap
  • erase cube – double bottom tap